Male Yeast Infection

Can men really get yeast infections?

Cure Your Yeast Infection the All-Natural Way - Click HereI know Male Yeast Infection is probably not a subject that “manly men” would willingly talk about. It could be potentially very embarrassing but not dealing with the possible infection can make your life really miserable. Not to mention passing the infection back and forth between you and your partner. That can get very frustrating for both parties.

Who gets male yeast infections anyway?

Yeast infections (also called Candidiasis) are typically associated with women and don’t get much press as a problem for men. Male yeast infections are not very common but they do happen and not just as an oral infection called Thrush. It can also show up as a penile yeast infection.

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It seems that uncircumcised men are at higher risk for getting a male yeast infection, because the penis foreskin traps moisture and heat which promotes fungus growth. Since the penis glans in a circumcised man is exposed to more air and less moisture, it is fairly rare for these men to suffer from a penile yeast infection.

What exactly is a yeast infection?

Yeast (usually Candida Albicans) is considered a fungus and is normally present in small amounts in and on the body. It thrives in warm, moist, dark environments such as the mouth, intestines and genital area. In healthy individuals, the immune system keeps yeast in check. Yeast overgrowth happens when an imbalance occurs in the body sometimes caused by a lack of healthy bacteria or other factors.

What does a male yeast infection look and feel like?

Sometimes men don’t have any symptoms even though they actually do have a penile yeast infection. If your sex partner has symptoms or is being treated for a yeast infection, there is a greater chance that you also have the infection.

Common symptoms of male yeast infection:

  • Small red spots and/or blisters on penis tip
  • Penile discharge that could be white and clumpy
  • Burning feeling at tip of penis
  • Inflammation (Balanitis), redness and soreness of penis
  • And don’t forget my favorite – Itching!

These symptoms can be downright agonizing, so don’t waste time if you think you may have a male yeast infection. Other diseases like Herpes can mimic some of these same symptoms, so it’s important to get yourself to the doctor for a correct diagnosis to make sure what you have actually is yeast.

How are male yeast infections diagnosed?

Male yeast infections can usually be diagnosed by answering some questions about your symptoms. Your health care professional may also do an examination and swab the tissues of the affected area. The swab will then be wiped onto a glass slide and examined under a microscope for immediate confirmation of the infection. Sending the sample to a lab for culturing is another method sometimes used which takes longer and is more costly. One way or another you will know for sure what you are dealing with.

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